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Sheilagh is an instructor for water colors and oils at

" The Ancaster Seniors Achievement Center"

a 10 week course for $60 . Registration starts soon for the winter sign up starts January 3rd.



 Jump start your art with some semi-private lessons .

Classes are small being no more than four people to allow for more time for each individual. 

 Booking now for  2 &1/2 hour classes for Sunday mornings,  afternoon or evenings.

Where: Mystic Stain Glass in white Oaks Paza Plains Rd Burlington

The  fee is  $35 per class or $100 if 4 classs are paid up front



  Wood Carving,                              


Former instructor for many years at  Sheridan College and over 40 years experience

as a professional published Artist Sheilagh Mercer has planned

affordable classes . 

Four prepaid consecutive classes @ $125


 Beginners do not buy your tools yet as the instructor will help you get

started with the least expense and the basic tools needed for the

project. Projects are simple designs at first while practicing techniques. 







Students can use the instructors

machines to explore their subject choices on wooden plaques,

journals and boxes to name a few wooden projects. or

boxes. Learn the different tools and the textures each will make and

the  safe use care of tools, sharpening and cleaning of the nibs for an

ultimate clear wood burning of a subject choice the student can

make.  Material fees depend on the wooden choices of each student.





       Painted and wood burned














There are  project choices that are geared for the beginner

and other patterns for the more advanced

carver.The patterns and wood are an extra material cost which

depends on the size of project and as little as $10 .

THe classe are $15 per 2 hour class.



That persons first class will be to choose a project learning

about the various tools and how to  sharpen them easily, and

the stores that handle supplies. A piece of wood for no charge

is given to that person;s  first time learning about tools and how

to sharpen them. Because of limited class size, sign up and

register as soon as possible









Spirit Drawings -- commissioned

These works are as a result from having a session and the images or totems that come from those people. Often clients ask me to

design a picture for them . Here is an example a client commissioned from Soul Song Art after a Transformation Self Healing