LIFE IS... Soul Song Art

Love what you Do ...Do what you Love!

Hello!  I am Sheilagh Mercer

 Life Is...every, thought, word and deed

It has been a wonderful journey. All the teachers, mentors, friends

and family all served in a role that had a wonderful impact on my life and greatly attributes to who I am

today and  someone I like very much. 

I have already an alternative business

called "Life is...." Who would have known how well that name of my Business 

would dovetail so well to other aspects of my business I present such as the Art I love to do.




 This is now the place where I have the alternative practice

dovetailed to Art and call it...                


            Life Is...Soul Song Art


I present art classes, workshops ,retreats and get a-ways. I introduce  

Art and Creative methods that enhance life, and the sense of well


 Be sure to check out --- Life is Soul Song Art ----on face book pages. Where we can chat there as well 

about art , commissions you might like , classes workshops and course in Art. 



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