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Rates & Services

 Alternative practice Life Is...

One on one appointments available, see the store to purchase sessions in person or  by phone

Medical Intuitive ( people or animals) $100 per hour session or $65 per half hour

Animal Communication $100 per our or $65 for a half hour. 


 Rieki  is $ 75  distance healing / in person  per session.

 Transfornative Self Healing Visualizations and healing methods/   $100 / hour in person

or $35 / person in a groups of 8 or more people,  in a 2 hour  workshop


                    DRUM MAKING WORKSHOPS                                         

                    Please book well in advance

Groups or one on one,  a non returnable 50% deposit is needed to

hold that date, have a drum made and materials ordered. 

Drums can have a choice of width and circular size, yet needs to be ordered well in advance or any workshop.

The most popular being  the  12" wide and 3" deep  at $130 that includes the assembling of a  3 hour workshop. The deeper Drum  12" across and 5 inches deep is a total of $ 190 that includes  three sessions at 3 hours each. This  includes all materials and art equipment being used plus art materials   for having wood burning and/ painting on the wooden form.



                DRUM MAKING WORKSHOPS 

                                                      ONE DAY WORKSHOPS

                              One simply shows up and the drum is assembled 

       Anyone booking a workshop for a group of 8 or more people and no more than                                         


The cost for  any out of town accommodations and traveling expenses are extra.

 A 50 % deposit is needed upon registration to hold that  date  of the workshop and ready the drum and materials. The remainder  of the fee is paid the day of the workshop by coming 15 minutes early.  The drums come already rough sanded and each person can  do the finer sanding. This  allows everyone to develop a relationship with their drum, and have there own energy signature in that drum . 

During the classes the drums are  returned to me and  to varnish by applying  3 coats of varnish to the drum .This is done at least the the week before the date of the assembling of the whole drum.

other drum sizes re available upon request, yet needs to be ordered in advance of any workshops .


                 Drum Making  WORKSHOPS 



                                  Three day or more...

   Talk with Sheilagh and Custom Fit your workshops with any of the







1) Mystic stain glass

185 plains Rd. east Burlington unit #4 in 

White Oaks Plaza


2) Sandy Lane Stables

413 Johnson Rd






Drum making Classes with Art

Each 2 1/2  hour class, added, is an extra $ 50  where all materials for drawing, adding color , wood Burning machines are provided. 

A Huge savings with the use of  these materials being provided such as wood burning machines, brushes , paint, drawing pencils and erasers, some illustrated templates, Watercolor pencil crayons , tracing paper, paper towels etc are all here provided and shared in the class. Plus the help of a qualified illustrator and woodcarving instructor for over 40 years experience as a professional Artist.


Sheilagh is a certified facilitator in Meditation , Transformative Self

Healing  and many Art and visualization workshops are available where

she encourages the

  creative expression of each